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Teton Iron is a family owned and operated blacksmith shop located on our small ranch (Buffalo Bluff Ranch)
in the Teton Valley. Our goal is to supply a product line of hard to find iron products, such as; pizza oven
doors, wood connectors, corbels, custom iron hardware and many more items with craftsmanship and style
of the ole' days.
Teton Iron has focused their interest toward historical iron reproduction during 11th-20th
century. It is intriguing to delve into the history of how these designs evolved into either very simple and
functioning designs or very our elaborate and decorative design. Click on "
Shop by Design" on the left
navigational bar to explore all options in each design. Click on below images to enter page.
Shop Teton Iron Trading Post
Midevil iron hinge strap -HHS-320 and HCN-01
Cottage iron hinge strap
Ornate scrolling iron hinge strap
Tucan Iron Door Strap
Gothic Cathedrial Iron Hinge Strap
Renaissance Iron Hinge Strap
Bean Style Iron Hinge Strap
Cottage Iron Hinge Strap
Fasteners and Washers
Our vast selection of iron fasteners include hammered square head lag screws and bolts, hammered hex lag
screws and bolts, round head lag screws and bolts, pyramid square head lag screws and bolts, distressed flat
head and hammered dome head carriage bolts, and a large selection of decorative and restoration wood screws.
As for our washers we offer USS flat washers, rub washers,(for your square head bolts), square plate washers,
round plate washers, fender washers, and a large variety of designs in our decorative washers.
Decorative round washer, designer washer, malleable washer, fender washers, USS flat washer, rub washers
Square plate washers, hammered washers, decorative washers
decorative wood screws, hammered head wood screws, pyramid head wood screw
Decorative lag screws and bolts, square head lag screws and bolts, hex head lag screws
decorative washers, designer washers, hammered washers
Round Washers
Square Washers
Decorative Screws
Lags & Bolts
Decorative Washers
Door / Furniture / Cabinet Hardware
Teton Iron has taken "authentic" to a whole new level. For instance, our window grills (speakeasy's) all have
hammered lapped joints like found in traditional blacksmithing. This is where two pieces of iron are heated in a
forge until red hot, then hammered together to create a lap joint which is where a rivet is hammered in to
adhere the joint. We are creating new products daily and we have just released two new speakeasy doors. We
are also introducing many new authentic old world door knockers and ring pull handles. Don't forget the cane
bolts for the top and bottom of your door and keep in mind that they can be turned sideways to be used as a
slide bolts. Some of our most unique hardware are the faux and functioning hinge designs, clavos (decorative
nails), iron "T" straps, "L" Straps, corner straps, door handles, and cabinet knobs and handles.
Speakeasy doors, speakeasy grills, speakeasy hinge and latch set
Decorative door hardware - hinge straps - iron door straps
Forged door handles, forged ring pull handles, door knockers
Designer clavos - decorative nails
Speakeasy Doors & Grills
Iron Straps & Hinge Straps
Cane Bolts & Handles
Wood Construction Connectors / Corbels / T-Straps / L-Straps / Braces / Buckets & Saddles
Decorative or structural?
Teton Iron has the largest variety of designer wood to wood connectors to choose from and if you do not find any
to your liking you have the option to design your own. This is custom at it's best, build your architectural wood
connector to fit your needs. First select the design, then there are options for iron thickness, wood connector
size, hole size, strap texture, and strap color. These architectural iron ties have the craftsmanship of our
ancestors and it shows in their appearance. These wood construction connectors truly become a decorative
accent of the home or commercial building.
Designer iron corbels, decorative corbels, angle brackets, 90 degree braces
Custom saddles and bucket, iron braces, wood construction ties, wood construction connectors
Post to beam base and post caps
joist hangers, wood construction ties, archeticture wood connectors, iron beam straps
Designer T straps, Decorative L straps, face plates, wood construction straps
Iron Corbels
Saddles & Buckets
Post Bases &
Joist Hangers
and iron Straps
Face Plates &
Beam Brackets
Pizza oven doors by Teton Iron
Pizza Oven Doors
There's nothing like fresh pizza or bread baked in a wood-fired oven. Teton Iron offers both
insulated and non-insulated pizza oven doors in standard designs and sizes, or you can
design your own style. Your oven is already built! No worries, mail us a template or fill out
our online template. Click on the door you like to start selecting your options
Pizza Oven Doors - Oven Doors - Metal Doors - Furnace Doors
Pizza Oven Doors - Oven Doors - Metal Doors - Furnace Doors
Pizza Oven Doors - Oven Doors - Metal Doors - Furnace Doors
Pizza Oven Doors - Oven Doors - Metal Doors - Furnace Doors
Pizza Oven Doors - Oven Doors - Metal Doors - Furnace Doors
Hammered full
arch pizza oven
Rectangle pizza oven
door with hinge
Eyebrow arch pizza
oven door with
window and damper
Pizza oven door
with grid overlay
and rivets
oven door with
window and damper
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Wrought Iron/ Steel / Iron / Pig Iron / Black Iron / Stainless Steel
The commonly misused term “wrought iron” is no longer produced on a commercial scale. True wrought
iron is a semi-fused mass of smelted iron created by heating ore in a forge with charcoal, which serves both
as fuel and reducing agent, also giving it its black appearance, which is where the term “black iron”
expels most of the slag and weld the iron into a solid mass. In the 1860’s wrought iron was replaced by
mild steel since it was less expensive and more readily available. Most products described as ‘wrought
iron’ in today’s society are made of mild steel which is very hard, durable, and weldable.  Iron and steel
processed with coke and gypsum or lime in a blast furnace results in pig iron and when processed further
reducing the carbon, mild steel is formed.  Steel can be mixed with other alloys to create different types of
iron, for example, stainless steel is the product when chromium is added to steel.
In modern society, the term “wrought iron” is commonly misused for iron that is worked, due to the origin of
the Middle English word “wroght” known today as “wrought” is a methathetic variant of worht, a past  
participle of worchen meaning to work. In other words, the term wrought (worked) was describing how the
iron was processed not describing what happens to the iron after it was formed.
We are a custom blacksmith
shop shipping to the United
States, Canada, Australia and
a hand full of other countries.
Made in the USA
The Portal to the Lost Art of
Traditional Blacksmithing
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