Our iron hinge and hinge strap line is based on historical replicas is unique in style and custom made to each order,
although we do have some in stock items that ship within a week. View our hardware categories below and click on
the image to see more items in that individual group and all of the options that are offered for each item. For
instance, our hinge straps have a choice of being used as a faux decorative strap or a fully functioning pintle, butt,
or barrel hinge. We also offer small cabinet, furniture, and trunk hinges.
Hinges & Hinge Straps
iron hinge strap functioing faux historical castle door
Hinge Straps
We offer an exclusive line of decorative iron hinge straps ranging from historical
replicas to modern day designs. All our door straps are offered as a faux strap or
with a functioning barrel, pintle, or butt hinge. The faux straps are a great way to
dress up garage doors and make them look like the old world style carriage doors,
and our functioning hinge straps are heavy duty and durable enough for the
heaviest of true carriage style doors. These straps are also used on front entry
doors, all interior doors, cabinet doors, and even trunks. Our custom options for size,
texture, and finish can sway our door straps more toward a specific design style. All
our hinge straps are offered in raw metal, acid finishes, or in our hand painted patina
finishes over our basic black finish.
Welcome to the Portal to the Lost Art of Traditional Blacksmithing Bringing Back the
Craftsmanship of the Ole Days.
hinge decorative small cabinet pantry door
Our hinges are available in similar design styles as well as historical replicas like our
hinge straps. These small hinges are a decorative alternative to a plain butt hinge
and are commonly used on light weight interior doors, trunks, cabinets,
furniture,pantry doors and shutters. For heavy weight applications we can offer a
pintle hinge instead of our typical butt or barrel hinge on any of our small hinge
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