Teton Iron's hand forged and hand hammered handles, pulls, and knobs are a beautiful old world accent to any
door, cabinet, pantry, trunk or furniture piece. We are now offering a functioning pivot lever door pull which is a
combination of the solid iron pull and a functioning lever handle. These functioing pull handles are a beautiful and
unique alternative to the common lever handle, knob, or thumb latch. The ring pulls/ door knockers that we offer are
a combination of historical replicas from European Castles and Cathedrals and new age designs which can double
for towel rings or door knockers. We also offer escutcheon plates wich can be sold as a unit with our door pulls,
cabinet knobs, and drawer handles, or sold separatly. Our deadbolt plates can be sold with or with our the deadbolt.
Handles, Pulls & Knobs
iron door pull handle castle door replica historical
Door Pulls
Teton Iron’s hand forged iron door pull handles are offered in many sizes, textures,
designs, and color options. Our solid iron pull handles can be used with a roller
catch, for a locking door we can also add a deadbolt on the plate. For a separate
plates for dead bolts please see our escutcheons. We are now offering a functioning
pivot lever door pull which is a combination of the solid iron pull and a functioning
lever handle. Decorative screws are included with all our door pull handles.
iron door knocker rind pull towel ring castle door old
Ring Pull/ Door Knocker
Our Ring Pull/ Door knocker line offers a combination of historical replicas, old world
and new age designs. These vintage and antique looking replicas were found on
various historical buildings across Europe. Our hand-forged iron door knockers &
iron ring handles are fabricated per individual order with durability and the style of
old wrought iron hardware in mind. These rings can also be used as cabinet door
pulls and towel rings.
Welcome to the Portal to the Lost Art of Traditional Blacksmithing Bringing Back the
Craftsmanship of the Ole Days.
cabinet knob drawer pull handle iron decorative
Cabinet Knobs
Our cabinet knobs are all hand forged to give your furniture or cabinets an old world
appearance. All our knobs have the option of a hidden mount to be fastened with a
machine screw through the back of the door, or they can be mounted on a
decorative backplate and face mounted with decorative screws or a hidden screw on
Our escutcheon plates are a beautiful, unique addition to any door, trunk, cabinet,
or hutch. These custom decorative keyhole plates create an antique look and can
be sold as just the plate or with a deadbolt.
escutcheon lock plate dead bolt antique decorative iron
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Drawer Pulls
Our drawer pulls are all hand forged and hand hammered to accent your furniture or
cabinets. All our drawer pulls / cabinet handles can be mounted with a machine
screw throught the back of a door or face mounted with decorative screws.
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