Wood Connectors - Click on the images below to view options and pricing
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Our construction ties are custom made to each individual order to fit your needs. If you can't find a design or
style of architectural strap that you like, please submit a drawing for a quote. Browse below for the type of
wood to wood connectors that you are interested in and click on the image for more designs, pricing and size
options. We have a large variety of designer T-plate, L-plate, saddle, bucket, post base, log brackets, or any
Either call, or e-mail to get a quote on any of our products..
Archtectural Post Column construction tie 305
Ornate Spanish Post column construction tie 321
Structural and decorative classic post column base
Post boot / stair stringer boot in a classic design
Iron forged wrap for Post or beam
Wood connector beam strap with wedge
Wood connector beam strap
Wood connector beam strap with ring
wood connector log strap
Wood connector tie U bracket 324
Architectual connector plate T-strap 305
wood construction connector P-strap 305
architectural construction tie k-strap 317
architectural construction center strap 305
architectural connector gable end-strap 317
Structural 45 degree radius plate arrowhead end
Architectural Strap / Iron plate 45 miter 302 arrow head end
Architectural L strap 302 with arrowhead ends
T-strap wood construction tie 302 arrowhead end
Joist / Beam Hangers
Wood connector joist hanger 201
Wood connector joist hanger 202
Wood connector joist hanger 203
Spanish ornate joist hanger 204
classic iron joist hanger
Our structural beam / joist hangers are fabricated from 3/16” metal, or upon request 1/4” thick for a heavier
shear load. These construction hangers are designed to suspend a beam, joist, or rafter from a beam, wall or
post. These wood connectors come in many different styles, such as a concealed hanger, or fully or partially
flanged. We fabricate these architectural buckets in many design choices. If a custom design is needed we
only charge a $25 design fee one-time fee for the CAD drawing. As well as our unique decorative designs, we
also offer a choice of hand hammered textures and hand painted patina finishes which make our hangers one
of a kind and a beautiful asset to your home.
Our hand hammered iron saddles and buckets are a structural way to attach a post to a beam with a unique
flare of your choice. These construction ties are fabricated from 3/16" steel (or 1/4" upon request) so the
structural integrity is not compromised while adding a designers flare. We have large selection of designs to
choose from, as well as, different hammered iron textures and patina finishes. Don't forget to browse or
hammered square and hex head lag screws and bolts.
Thru saddle with Teton mountain range  - Saddle 335
Custom iron front saddle wood connector tie spanish ornate design
Saddles /  Buckets / Post - Column Connectors
Custom iron wood connector saddle 321
Spanish iron end saddle ornate wood connector tie 321
Ornate thru saddle with joist hanger and 4 post brackets
Post Bases / Post Brackets
Our post bases a decorative option to the typical plain galvanized post base found at your local hardware
store. We have many design options with more added each day, if you dont see a design you like you can
sketch up your own design to send by email for a custom quote.
Face Plates / "T" / "L" / Center Plates and Other Angles
Old West Irons wood connector face plates are offered as T plates, L plates, straight plates, center plates and
other angled plates. For specific angles other than 90° please send us an email for a custom quote. All of our
wood brakets are offered in all our designs. Our options for our T, L, and straight straps are strap width, size,
hammered texture, hole size and quantity, and patina finish. Fasteners are sold separatly.
Beam Straps
Our beam straps can be used for functioning or decorative purposes. The beam strap shown below with a ring
can be used to hang a chandelier/plant or can be ordered with out a ring. Also the log wrap below can be made
in a number of our design options. Please contact us for your custom beam strap.
Angle Braces
Old West Iron's angle braces are a great accent for any corner and can be used in a variaty of ways. These
corner brackets can be used to support the inside of a corner or to brace the outside of a corner. We also offer
our braces in all of oue designs, hammered textures and patina finishes. Any of these brackets can also have a
decorative hook added to the end to be used as a plant or light hanger.
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