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Craftsmanship of the Ole Days.
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Teton Iron fabricates their speakeasy grills the old fashion way, with lap joints and rivets for the full appearance of
old world wrought iron. We have also added more simple designs where the iron is stacked making the speakeasy
more affordable with a more clean modern appearance. These grills are fabricated with 1/2" solid square or round
bar going up in size to 1" solid bar. These speakeasy grills can be fabricated in any size requested other than the
standard sizes offered on line, please call or e-mail to receive your custom quote.
Our typical lap joint speakeasy
grill with hammered rivets and
hammered tap foot mounts.
Our typical lap joint speakeasy grill with
hammered rivets and scrolled foot  
The speakeasy image on the left is an
exhibit of an old world riveted lap joint vs a
more modern stacked iron joint. The cross
on the left in the left image exhibits 2
pieces of iron stacked on top of each other
heated to a red hot stage and then
hammered to create a flush joint, then the
joint is punched for a rivet which is then
heated in a forge to heat weld a rivet to
adhere the joint. The image on the right is
one piece of iron layered on top of another
piece then welded in place.
The image on the right is a more modern
style wrapped joint.
Riveted Lap Joint vs Stacked Iron Joint
Speakeasy Grill Mounts
Or choose any of our unique standard
designs as a mount for your
speakeasy grill.
Teton Iron also
offers a choice of
different standoff,
which is how tall the
legs are or how far
the grill stands off
the surface. This
measurement is from
the bottom of the
iron to the surface.
Please view our
two most
common grape
vine speakeasy
grills for wine
room and wind
room doors.
See below for the subtle difference in using solid square bar vs solid round bar for a speakeasy grill, as well as,
adding the detail of collars vs no collars.
Please browse through our site to view all the new designs that are added on periodically.
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